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David Gabor || Seventeen || Student || Playby: Jonathan Groff || Taken 

Secret - David has attempted suicide before. He went through a brief depression after his best friend killed himself, and only Casey knew.

David Gabor. Now there’s a lot you can say about David Gabor. For one, his family is originally German — what you could have only guessed by his last name, since there could be found no traces of a German accent in his voice. Due to excessive reading of novels way more advanced than a normal 17 year old boy would read, David is very educated. Why stay in the dark like everyone else when you could be out there, finding out the knowledge you yearn for? That was his motto. He is probably also one of the most rebellious kids in his class. Because of his maturity, girls tended to fall for his charm and wit, that could easily be taken advantage of, but David hasn’t developed feelings for anyone just yet.